Kar┼č─▒y─▒z – We are Against the Internet Regulation

The Internet regulation is against basic human rights and freedoms.

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Learning and Development Offerings Brochure

Are you considering to create a brochure in which you include all available learning and development offerings in your company and share the latest programs and courses with your employees? Before you get started take a look at the following points below:

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Internal Coaching and Benefits for Coaches

Internal coaching in organizations creates many wonderful benefits. According to the 2009 International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Client Study, companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment. Individual clients reported a median return on investment of 3.44 times their investment. The most important topic of internal coaching is starting to qualify experts as coaches and showing what they can benefit from coaching. The article focuses on benefits of internal coaching for coaches.

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5 Reasons To Use Open Space Conference Method

Last week I participated in an Open Space Congress. Besides being a participant I was also involved in the preparation and organization process. Open Space Technology is developed by Harrison Owen as a method that has been used for over 20 years for conferences. The conference method gives participants a space in which they work on their key issues in small groups. After my experience I definitely recommend the Open Space Technology. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider using this conference method:

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Basic Presentation Tips

If you want to make powerful presentations you should really be present, clear and audience oriented. I am sure you heard some basic presentation tips before but make sure you go through this checklist that I prepared for you. Presentations are something that we are all familiar with but sometimes we can easily forget the basic rules. So here is the checklist for a better presentation. Continue reading

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The Jive Social Business Platform

Almost all of us face these questions in daily work: Why is it so hard to share a document with coworkers? Why can I not work on the same platform with my colleague based in another country?  Jive software has a potential solution for this. Recently, I had the opportunity to use this platform and experienced the benefits in my daily work. The platform seems promising and my first impression after using it for about three months is very positive. Continue reading

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De─či┼čen ─░nsan Kaynaklar─▒ ve ─░┼č-Ya┼čam Dengesi

Bug├╝n bir cok sirket ┬ácalisanlarina pozitif bir calisma ortami saglamak icin aile, sosyal yasam, yari zamanli calisma ve saglik gibi konularda hizmetler sunmaktadir. Buradaki amac isyerinin taleplerine ek olarak aile ve kisisel etkinlikler icin de zaman yaratilmasina firsat saglamaktir. HR Experience ikinci r├Âportajini Teleset Group T├╝rkiye’nin insan kaynaklari m├╝d├╝r├╝ ve T├╝rkiye Insan Y├Ânetimi Dernegi Ege ┼×ubesi Ba┼čkan─▒ Serdar Kalayc─▒o─člu ile yapti. Serdar Bey ile insan kaynaklarinin degisen rol├╝nden esnek calisma modellerine ve is yasam dengesi konulari ├╝zerine konustuk.

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What is Collegial Coaching

A short time ago I joined a collegial coaching session, where I worked with colleagues on solving some problems at our workplaces. It was very interesting. While focusing on the collaborative development and sharing our professional knowledge and experiences we were able to help out each other and also develop an alternative behaviour and solution. What actually is collegial coaching (group coaching) and how did we benefit from this? Continue reading

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Benefits of Coaching

Coaching is becoming one of the most effective instruments of people development. Coaching actually means a way of helping other people to help themselves. It is a professional guidance of an employee (the coachee) – by another expert (coach) for reflection and deepen the business-relevant topics in practice. The coaching methods generally aim to create an optimal framework for the development and use of new technical/methodological skills and expansion of existing competenties in a new environment.

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Benefits of a Project Management Workbook

A PM Workbook is basically an excel document which helps to ensure standardized approaches in project management. By using the templates in the PM Workbook I was familiar with basic concepts of project management, evaluation of the specific activities and implementation of overall project management methodologies.

I summarized some benefits of the PM Workbook below. I would strongly suggest that you also use something similar for your own projects.

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