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What is Collegial Coaching

A short time ago I joined a collegial coaching session, where I worked with colleagues on solving some problems at our workplaces. It was very interesting. While focusing on the collaborative development and sharing our professional knowledge and experiences we were able to help out each other and also develop an alternative behaviour and solution. What actually is collegial coaching (group coaching) and how did we benefit from this? Continue reading

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Benefits of Coaching

Coaching is becoming one of the most effective instruments of people development. Coaching actually means a way of helping other people to help themselves. It is a professional guidance of an employee (the coachee) – by another expert (coach) for reflection and deepen the business-relevant topics in practice. The coaching methods generally aim to create an optimal framework for the development and use of new technical/methodological skills and expansion of existing competenties in a new environment.

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Benefits of a Project Management Workbook

A PM Workbook is basically an excel document which helps to ensure standardized approaches in project management. By using the templates in the PM Workbook I was familiar with basic concepts of project management, evaluation of the specific activities and implementation of overall project management methodologies.

I summarized some benefits of the PM Workbook below. I would strongly suggest that you also use something similar for your own projects.

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Meaning of Gender Collaboration

Some weeks ago, I took part in the Gender Collaboration Training. I really enjoyed it.  I  experienced an interesting training led by a very active and present trainer Tammy Hughes. Of course, I heard a lot on the Gender topic before, but the link to the professional life, the scientific backround and the practical illustrations by case studies in the training were very well done!  I would like to share with you some key messages from the training. Let’s take a look! Continue reading

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How To Give Effective Feedback

Last week I  joined a Leadership & Personality seminar in Berlin. What I want to share with you is very interesting. I would not think that giving feedback has to be hard. During the seminar we observed specific behaviors of the participants for example their presentations, crisis talks etc. and I realised that it requires a huge amount of  carefulness. It doesn’t matter what topic you are giving feedback about but there is a basic art and method to give feedback in an effective way. Here are some ways to give effective feedback. Continue reading

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Competencies for Today’s Leaders

21st century.. We could not image thirty years ago how a leader would look like today. Change was already coming and a rapid growth in international business, technology, new working conditions etc. have caused a new profile of a leader. Nowadays requirements have changed and this has led to the emergence of new approaches to leadership. Therefore, global companies invest in developing the leadership competencies, which help to move the organizations one step further than their competitors. Leaders, who see the big global picture, understand the change and follow megatrends; provide their company a profitable win. At that point, our question is what competencies and characteristics of personality make a leader really top and add value to the business? Continue reading

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Wiki ve Faydaları

Wiki ile tanışmamın üzerinden hemen hemen bir yıl geçti! İlk zamanlar tüm yapacaklarımızın nasıl bir sonuç getireceğini tam kestiremiyordum. Web 2.0 uygulamaları günümüzde İnsan kaynakları alanında git gide yaygınlaştığından, Wiki veritabanı ile biz de çalışmaya basladık. Bu kültürün şirket içinde oluşturulması baslangıçta çok da kolay olmadı tabii ki. Üstelik daha bu platformu kuran ve aktif kullanan uzman sayısı da yok denecek kadar az idi. Deneyerek, yaparak bu Wiki’ye alıştık ve kendi kendimizi eğittik. Tanımında da şöyle bahsediliyor: ” İşe yarayabilir en basit online veri tabanı”. Wiki’lerin kullanımı baslangıçta çoğu kişiye karmaşık gibi görünse de yaratıcı ve basit düşünme, içeriği görselliğe dönüştürebilmede bitiyor iş. Peki ne işe yarar bu Wiki?

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Cultural Impressions of Germany – AIESEC Internship Report

It was a Thursday afternoon when I first arrived Frankfurt last year. I was thinking that I will start working on Monday but I was surprisingly invited to a business dinner with my colleagues. I had chance to meet some of my colleagues from my team in a restaurant, not in the office :) At my first day in Frankfurt I realized the importance of  being aware of cultural differences and the business etiquette. This picture reminds me of my first and special moments in Frankfurt. To be honest it was not easy to choose a suitable dress for this dinner. Then; when to arrive, how to give a handshake, greet people, how to order a meal..etc. Questions about typical cultural topics were in my mind. In this article I would like to share my cultural experience during AIESEC internship in Frankfurt and give some practical tips. Continue reading

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Annual Leave in German and Turkish Labor Law

Summer vacation has started. All employees  ask the same question on these days: How many days of annual leave do I have in a year? What are my rights? HR department is busy. The question is the same  all over world but the regulations are different. I was surprised when I heard that I can already plan my holidays even I have been employed less than one year in Germany. Continue reading

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Managing Virtual Meetings

Managing virtual teams is a new challenge! It is getting more popular and more important than before. The world is becoming smaller and travels are decreasing fast. This is because many project teams can be available on the same platform today. Telephone conferences, web sessions, wiki communication platforms, etc. give the possibility to introduce project members and people from all continents.

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