Benefits of Coaching

Coaching is becoming one of the most effective instruments of people development. Coaching actually means a way of helping other people to help themselves. It is a professional guidance of an employee (the coachee) – by another expert (coach) for reflection and deepen the business-relevant topics in practice. The coaching methods generally aim to create an optimal framework for the development and use of new technical/methodological skills and expansion of existing competenties in a new environment.

Often the coachee is a new or inexperienced employee and usually the coach is an experienced employee (but not always) within a coaching relationship. There are numerious reasons why you would need to implement coaching as people development instrument in your company. Below I will mention some of the important benefits.

Qualifying your employees

Employees can be acquired to take over additional responsibilities in new and more complex projects that they are used to. So with coaching methods they can be specifically developed and promoted within the company.

Achieving more with low costs

Employee coaching internally allows to use your own skills and resources available in your company. More and better projects can be implemented in the required quality which also means low costs and higher turnover for the company.

Creating a competitive advantage

Qualified employees can add value to the customers and satisfy their needs with up to date competencies. This can increase the image of the company on the customer’s perspective.

Providing an effective onboarding

New employees can receive experienced help from another colleague (who basically has a basic coaching qualification) which shortens the orientation time on a new function. The coach will encourage the coachee to understand the  complexity of a task and to find out his own solutions.

Having a coach pool

Once you start this process you build a coach community in your company. So you can collect the coaching areas of employees, which means their key competencies or main expertise e. g. in a special area or topic.

Motivating your employees

Employees, who have the qualification and enough experience to be a coach will be ready to share their knowledge within a structured framework. They will motive new employees in projects and also be a role model and inspire others. While coaching others, they will start to use question and feedback techniques in practice, have self-reflection and develop their soft skills.

From time to time we use coaching as a technique to improve project management skills.
Coaching may be requested by:
§An individual who would like to improve their own skills.
§A line/functional manager (or other stakeholder) who identifies that a PM may benefit from coaching.
Often (but not always), the coachee is a new or inexperienced PM.
Usually (but not always), the coach is an experienced PM.
This document provides guidance for coaches.
Coachees and line/functional managers may also use this document to understand the approach.
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