What is Collegial Coaching

A short time ago I joined a collegial coaching session, where I worked with colleagues on solving some problems at our workplaces. It was very interesting. While focusing on the collaborative development and sharing our professional knowledge and experiences we were able to help out each other and also develop an alternative behaviour and solution. What actually is collegial coaching (group coaching) and how did we benefit from this?

What does it mean?

Collegial coaching makes it possible to share experiences, practices and lessons learned between employees. It is a people developing method for those who want to deepen the knowledge in their current/upcoming challenging projects. This kind of coaching provides them experiential learning and coaching methods. In other words it is about to learn from experiences of others and also to share the own experiences with them in a coaching form.

How does it work?

The working method started off with a selection of working groups. We formed a collegial coaching group of five persons. The trainer was in the moderator role. Then during this moderated session, one of us had a case  study and brought a question about that. That problem and complex situation was worked out with the help of all  involved colleagues. The moderator played a key role during the session. Because he could contribute to the principles and working methods of coaching.

Why is this helpful?

Collegial coaching links different people from different areas with common interests. Therefore collegial coached people are better in dealing similar problems seen in these coachings and be more effective in them. After the session it was great to receive feedback from other colleagues. While focusing on finding a solution we’ve learned to build trust and listen each other.

In summary, collegial coaching can certainly improve your productivity, personal skills and your way of working. Furthermore you can strengthen your network and build stronger relations with your colleagues. If you have current unresolved problems obstructing your work or want to face new challenging projects, why not collegial coaching?

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