Meaning of Gender Collaboration

Some weeks ago, I took part in the Gender Collaboration Training. I really enjoyed it.  I  experienced an interesting training led by a very active and present trainer Tammy Hughes. Of course, I heard a lot on the Gender topic before, but the link to the professional life, the scientific backround and the practical illustrations by case studies in the training were very well done!  I would like to share with you some key messages from the training. Let’s take a look!

The training conveyed the message that men and women -generally speaking- communicate differently, work differently and manage differently. Here are some important key notes from the training that will help you in everyday business:

  • Question yourself: Do you evaluate men and women differently? How might you change your attitude? Do you recognize  the different cultural aspects placed on women and men?
  • Honor the other gender for the way that works for them and don’t make them wrong or bad because they don’t do things the way you do. Empathy here works!
  • Flex your leadership style according to the specific situation and when it is necessary and valuable.
  • Diversity is of high value when people can collaborate in their individual ways. People will behave  in ways that make sense to them.

I personally took  away my new insights about gender characteristics and their structures.  We should first think what all these differences about genders mean for our company. Then we should try turning them into advantages. Because it is a known fact that companies  with diverse or mix management styles are more competitive than others in the market.

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