Competencies for Today’s Leaders

21st century.. We could not image thirty years ago how a leader would look like today. Change was already coming and a rapid growth in international business, technology, new working conditions etc. have caused a new profile of a leader. Nowadays requirements have changed and this has led to the emergence of new approaches to leadership. Therefore, global companies invest in developing the leadership competencies, which help to move the organizations one step further than their competitors. Leaders, who see the big global picture, understand the change and follow megatrends; provide their company a profitable win. At that point, our question is what competencies and characteristics of personality make a leader really top and add value to the business?

Basically there are four classifications of competencies.

•           Personal Competencies

•           Activity and negotiation Competencies

•           Technical and methodology Competencies

•           Social and communication Competencies

Personal competencies: You can be born as a leader and also become a top leader.

A combination of these four competency types would be a great way to be a leader. Some leaders may have the personal competencies naturally. However I believe if you want to be a good leader you can always develop your competencies. In my opinion, being creative or loyal, having charismatic influence, sense of humour, discipline or reliability can be in a leader’s nature. These characteristics already give you a chance to act like a leader. On the other hand what you could definitely improve is practicing how to delegate or how to motivate your employees. Furthermore, being always prepared and open to changes, self management and risk taking competencies could be developed by experience.

Activity and negotiation Competencies: Top leaders get things always moving.

This part explains exactly to have the willingness to make things happen. If you have activity competencies in a high level you will not conduct by using a standard form but you will act flexible according to the situation and different contexts. Key competencies, which belong to these category are; decision making, energy, motivation, initiative, innovation and mobility.

Technical and methodology Competencies: Up to date knowledge is always required for effective management.

We could not agree that leaders know-how is solely focused in one area. Today learning is so wide, diverse and lifelong. As a top leader you need to expand your knowledge to achieve your project targets. Knowledge does not consist of information only. It is your expertise, your teaching ability, your multidisciplinary knowledge, your know-how about project management and concept planning etc.

Social and communication Competencies: Building good leadership competencies depends on the key role of communication. Why being social and communicative is so important for a leader? Because every day in your professional life you talk to others especially to your staff, customers, stakeholders etc. You have to convince and motivate your team in every stage for achievements. It is for sure not just about talking with perfect sentences but it means choosing the simple and clear words according to the target group. The ability to manage the conversations is also one of the essential competencies that a top leader should definitely posses.

Competencies bring achievements: Top leader of today;

  • Drives: Improvement, innovation, change and opportunities
  • Acts: Social, open, honest, ethic, economically and enthusiastic
  • Communicates: Target oriented, clear, engaging, asks questions to clear hard situations, leads the conversation and ensures clear understanding and prevents misunderstandings
  • Deals: Uncertainty, conflicts, difficult situations by using his strengths and winwin situation
  • Cooperates: Team, customers, stakeholders
  • Shares: Know how, clear decisions
  • Thinks: Proactive, strategically and systematically
  • Contributes: Success and performance

In summary, competencies of a leader contribute to the success and achievement of a business. In a global business environment these competencies may still change and new competencies may be required. The essential thing that will help with adaptation to global changes is having the mindset to develop the existing competencies and gaining new ones. In this way your success will be inevitable your result.

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