Experiences from the Employee Development Insights Sessions

We as the Learning & Development and Talent Team delivered sessions about employee development insights across Europe. This roadshow took a month and it was a great experience to meet a lot of new people and to exchange about development. 

There was one aspect that drove our session: Why develop? We all know that employees are becoming organizations most valuable assets. Not only companies but also employees need to take ownership of their development and to invest in themselves to keep their relevance. The current market circumstances and new technologies are changing fast. To keep our skills and knowledge up-to-date, we need to continue learning. We can’t say that we know everything in our profession and expertise area. Because even if you are one of the top experts in your field there might me small things that can help you to do your job better, easier and faster. There might be chances where you can explore further. Think about development from a different point of view. Think positive about development rather than trying to fix what is broken about you. Don’t let your weaknesses take out of your strengths. Because you can shine even more when you keep practicing on what you are good at. And this will give you a great personal and professional fulfilment.

Another message that we gave to the people was that learning is self- directed and each individual is responsible for their own development. In fact, there are many learning opportunities out there and you can’t put someone else responsible for this. If you are not taking care of your current performance, development and next steps in your career nobody else will take care of it. Next time when you have a year end conversation with your manager, plan some time for your personal development. Take the first step, start focusing on your strengths and show an active interest in your development.

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