How do I apply 70/20/10 approach at work?

70/20/10 – in other words – formal and informal learning is completed by the Centre of Creative Leadership in 1996. Many successful executives who were successful at the end of their career were asked how they achieved their career and development goals. The result of these interviews showed that experience and development on-the-job had 70% impact on what they have learned. This model creates the foundation of our L&D philosophy and gives us a full spectrum of learning and development opportunities in our company.

Based on the model, 70 % learning can be from project assignments, project works, job shadowing or job rotation.

Secondly, learning from others in other words through relationships like coaching and mentoring had 20% impact on their development. Community work, feedback from colleagues and networking can be also categorised within this part.

Last but not least, only 10% impact on development was from formal ways like classroom trainings, workshops and reading.

When I consult employees at work about their development, I encourage them to think about development within this approach as a whole system. In the personal development plan we categorise learning differently within these three fields.

The benefit of this approach is that it is situational and adaptable to each individual’s development needs. It also gives us some new ideas on cost-effective ways of learning. Most importantly, it helps people to realize that development is not just a classroom training and it happens everytime and everywhere.

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