Learning and Development Offerings Brochure

Are you considering to create a brochure in which you include all available learning and development offerings in your company and share the latest programs and courses with your employees? Before you get started take a look at the following points below:

  • Target Group: Define the potential audience to whom you would like to share the brochure e.g. is it for all employees, managers or only for HR Business Partners?
  • Purpose: Define clear benefits and advantages of using the brochure.
  • Content: Structure your content by these recommended topics:
    • Title and year of the brochure.
    • Introduction page which basically explains the importance of learning and development and the purpose of the brochure – ideally signed by a sponsor (Head of L&D or HR Department).
    • Tips for navigating through the brochure (interactive links, attached materials, etc.).
    • A clear overview of the brochure content – ideally shown with relevant categories (managerial trainings, coaching programs, on-boarding offerings etc.)
    • Program fact-sheets that can include the following range of information (but not limited by):
      • Name of the Program
      • Objectives and Outcome
      • Main Content
      • Target Audience
      • Program Method
      • Pre-and Post-Program Activities
      • Program Dates and Location
      • Costs
      • Language
      • Registration
      • Program Fee
  • Sponsor and Contact Person: Refer the name of the sponsor and contact person for the respective program.
  • Rules and Policies: Include a guideline for nomination and registration rules and policies.

By creating a learning and development brochure, you will help your target audience to have an overview of the offerings available in your company. This will also ensure bundling and sharing useful materials on different programs. The brochure would not only include the latest information on classroom training courses but also would present on-the-job learning opportunities, such as job rotation and project work.

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