What are your strengths?

Do you know your strengths and what you are good at? Do you know when your performance is at its best? To help you identify your strengths I want to share some examples with you. These are the moments when you feel the passion in you.

First of all when you do a particular task or project you feel effective and focused. You feel like you contribute to something that you enjoy doing it. You know you add value to the team.

Before doing it, you look forward to it. This might be the budget process that you do every year. If budgeting is your strength you would feel curious to learn more about it.

Last but not least, after doing it, you would feel fulfilled and authentic.

Focusing on your strengths can make you happy in your personal and professional life. I encourage you to take part in the projects and topics that you contribute at your best. If the circumstances are limited, try to leverage these skills with activities outside work.

To learn more about strengths based development please check Gallup’s strenghtsfinder

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