Benefits of a Project Management Workbook

A PM Workbook is basically an excel document which helps to ensure standardized approaches in project management. By using the templates in the PM Workbook I was familiar with basic concepts of project management, evaluation of the specific activities and implementation of overall project management methodologies.

I summarized some benefits of the PM Workbook below. I would strongly suggest that you also use something similar for your own projects.

  • First of all, as a project team we had the same standardized approach in every single project management phase.
  • PM Workbook helped us to clarify the roles and responsibilities in the project for example every task was documented.
  • We created transparency and higher efficiency with the project team.
  • Templates like project status report, management summary were always ready to use for the project team. Therefore we achieved a unified approach on the customer side.
  • It was simple and easy to use the PM Workbook.
  • We had time for project planning and this helped us afterwards to reduce the time of implementation.
  • Furthermore we could easily review our project plan and adjust it according to the change requests in the project.
  • We planned target group oriented communication planning during the whole process.

Documentation in project management is very important.  If you do not want to lose sight of your project you should document each single step in your project lifecycle. These are the lessons that I learnt so far from my exeperience.

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