5 Reasons To Use Open Space Conference Method

Last week I participated in an Open Space Congress. Besides being a participant I was also involved in the preparation and organization process. Open Space Technology is developed by Harrison Owen as a method that has been used for over 20 years for conferences. The conference method gives participants a space in which they work on their key issues in small groups. After my experience I definitely recommend the Open Space Technology. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider using this conference method:

  1. There is no agenda:

In the invitation participants will be informed about a general topic and purpose of the day but without any formal agenda. In other words topics that only participants are interested in will be discussed.

  1. There is no complexity:

Open Space is simple. Participants enter the room, sit in a circle and post their topics on the wall at the beginning of the day. Then the circulation begins. They work on their topics within self managed groups.

  1. There is no strict time:

Open Space allows flexibility. Participants can decide their own working time. When a discussion is over they can move on with another topic or group. When it’s over it is over.

  1. There is no boredom:

Open Space is an innovative form of offering conferences. Let people work on their topic with enthusiasm. They are the right people and interested in the general topic.

  1. There is no uncertainty:

Topics that were edited will be turned to an action plan. Results will be communicated with the rest of the target group and the responsible persons will be defined.

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