Basic Presentation Tips

If you want to make powerful presentations you should really be present, clear and audience oriented. I am sure you heard some basic presentation tips before but make sure you go through this checklist that I prepared for you. Presentations are something that we are all familiar with but sometimes we can easily forget the basic rules. So here is the checklist for a better presentation.

Before the presentation

Preparation is the essential to make good presentations. Even if you are familiar with the content you can easily forget an important aspect.

• I decided what kind of presentation style fits to my content. (Power Point, flip chart, free speech..)
• I designed the slides as simple as I can, with less text, less animation and with high quality graphics.
• I reviewed the content and the aim of my presentation.
• I defined the structure. (introduction, main message, closing)
• I know my audience and their interest for my presentation.
• I used visualization for my presentation. ( e.g. video, pictures, visual drawing…)
• I checked the technique before my presentation. (Laptop, laser pointer, speakers, volume…)
• I recorded my voice / video and watched afterwards to improve my weak points.

During the presentation

• I make sure the positive energy flows to the audience.
• I position myself in the room where the light comes in.
• I greet people and smile even before my presentation starts.
• Even I hear my heartbeat I know that my audience don’t feel the same.
• I start with greeting the audience, introducing myself and the outline and outcome of the presentation.
• I think about an icebreaker activity to get the attention of the audience. This could be a personal story about the topic, an example, physical activity or a question to the group. I try to be different than others. :)
• I check my speaking speed, have breaks between different points to increase the attention of the group.
• I reduce unnecessary words like uhm, ah, eh,..etc.
• I control my body language. I stay straight and self confident. I let my hands free and preferable with no pen or paper. My feet stand strong on the ground.
• In my mind I create a right, middle and left part in the room and try to keep eye contact with all groups equally.
• I check the time given for my presentation.

After the presentation

• I finish my presentation with a strong story or a sentence so people can remember.
• I thank for their attention.
• I invite audience for questions and answers session.
• I provide the presentation and relevant documents afterwards to the audience.
• I share my personal contact information.

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