Assessment Center Experience

What happens in a real assessment center? What kind of questions can you expect? Then, read my experience from Steinbeis University in Stuttgart.

The program “Auswahltag Steinbeis Hochschule” started at 11am in Stuttgart. The location was inspiring and quite easy to find. It is about ten minutes by walk from the main station. There was someone from the recruitment department of the university, who was responsible for the selection day. First two hours we received the information about the Master programs. Before we get started, there was an introduction round in German. The responsible from the school gave us a presentation about the history of the school, the structures of the programs, fees, partner companies and differences between three Master Programs.

We were ten applicants, except me and other girl from Ukraine everybody was from Germany.  Most of us had different studies and interests.  Fields from engineering, to health, from Sales to HR… It was quite interesting to see that everybody has variety of view and interests. After the presentation we had a break with fresh drinks, coffee and little sandwiches.

In the afternoon at about 13:45 we spilled up into two groups. We started with self presentation and had 6 minutes for it. We also could use the flip chart. It was asked about our studies, work experiences, at what kind of company and project we would like to work and in which Master Program we would like to participate… etc. It is actually up to you what you would like to present them. I wrote down the cities to the flip chart, where I have been so far and explained shortly what I did in these cities.

After that we had group discussions about different topics. There was really not strict time limitation but the assessor, head of recruiting department of Steinbeis university, has stopped the round after about 30 min.  The questions were “What does a manager mean? “ Are there the differences between manager and entrepreneur? Who would you like to be? What are the personal competences of a manager and an entrepreneur? What should young talents have to do to be a successful manager? During the group discussion I noticed that one of us who took the flag and answered the questions with every possibility and after that the others had to confirm her. Be careful you don’t interrupt someone who talks but also give your point of view and try to say something with an example and ask also what they are thinking about your idea.

Second part was a discussion about current economic situation in the world. Applicants who will go for this interview please inform about the latest news. It is better to bring your own point of view and join to the discussions.

The final question in the group discussion was “How would you present yourself to your possible employer and how would you confirm his/her to make this project happen?” Here we pointed out about the advantages of the Steinbeis project from a partner employer of view.  We discussed what we can offer them with combination of this Master program and a project responsibility at the company. It is better to stress your competences, language skills, willing to take an international project and personal skills which you can directly transfer your theoretical knowledge to your project in practical situation.

I observed that all of us were getting tired but we still had to complete a written exam.  There were 3 questions in English we had to answer to each page. They were like: “What motivates you to study a Master program? Why do you think you are qualified for the Master program? What does criticism mean and please explain with an example how do you cope with it? On the other paper we had to fill in the personal competences like: “result oriented, goal oriented, analytical thinking, social engagement etc.” Our last task was to write our strengths and weaknesses with examples in German. For all these tasks we had only one hour and it was a little bit stressful. So my suggestion would be please prepare for this type of questions and take a small note before you go. If I wouldn’t know exactly about my personal competences I would lose time by thinking.

At around 17:00 we were finished with the hardest part. After that each participant had an interview with the assessor. It was not that hard and stressful if you know your experiences, motivation, career goals well. Check possible interview questions and prepare for them. This part took about 15-20 min.

When I was going home after this tiring day I hoped that I worked well enough and just after one day I could get a positive answer for the next step :)

I wish you all good luck with finding the best suitable project for you and matching one of the partner companies as soon as possible.

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2 Responses to Assessment Center Experience

  1. Marina Nekhay says:

    Dear Gözde,

    thanks you a lot for this very interesting information about Humanly Resources. This article helped me in the preparation on the AC with Steinbeis very much. Also thanks that you wrote your experiences, it was very helpful for me. I could well prepare for the day and then achieved a successful result.
    I think it will be very good for people, who visit your side if you will put such of interesting reports, because it helps very much!!!

    Kind regards from Berlin

  2. Gozde says:

    Dear Marina,
    thank you very much for your comment. I am glad to hear that it helped you to get successful result. Congratulations!
    Sure, I will continue sharing my experiences with you! Keep reading :)


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