The Jive Social Business Platform

Almost all of us face these questions in daily work: Why is it so hard to share a document with coworkers? Why can I not work on the same platform with my colleague based in another country?  Jive software has a potential solution for this. Recently, I had the opportunity to use this platform and experienced the benefits in my daily work. The platform seems promising and my first impression after using it for about three months is very positive.

Jive basically is a social business platform which enables a new way of communication in a company.  It has a dynamic reporting system for the content, collaboration and activities of people which allows you to follow a group, be a member or see all posted activity streams across the company. The platform is structured in three areas “Content” “People” and “Places”, these are shown as tabs on the homepage.

On the other hand, Jive is well integrated to daily working behaviors such as: Outlook. You can set up your preferences and once somebody in the Jive platform sends you a direct message you will get a notification email.  Jive social business platform will also provide you access to HR data for members, locations, roles, titles, contact details etc. and they are also downloadable as an excel file.

With Jive you can:

  • Create groups with different types: Secret, Private, Members Only, Open
  • Engage your team / project members in different communities
  • Write documents and share them with just a click to your groups and communities
  • Share files and ask comment / feedback (also ask for an approval before publishing)
  • Work and edit on the same document, save different versions
  • Ask questions, start discussions and make polls
  • Reduce time spending on endless email messages and searching for information

I really enjoy working with Jive technology because it provides a productive way to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. It is a fast-growing and self-organizing platform, where people interact, build social networks and get work done in much more efficient ways.

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