Your Online Profile is a Self Marketing Tool

Your profiles on the social networking websites, like LinkedIn and Xing became more important than before. The companies will probably be searching your personal and professional profiles on the Web. You can take this advantage as self marketing and show your professionalism.

So, how to create attractive profiles to reach our goals?

  • Be clear and as simple as you can
    Your profile should clearly tell us your specialist area, your education and work history. Use simple and specific words to write your specialties about your field. You also have the opportunity to write shortly about your career goals and professional career in the summary part. Think what is interesting and important for your network.

  • Be visible and reachable
    If you are seeking new opportunity you should be reachable and your ‘public profile view’ should be visible for others. You can change it and add your full name by doing this:
    For example my public profile on LinkedIn:
    In contrast, you also have the possibility to choose what you don’t want to publish.
  • Be a member of groups you like and you are interested in your field.
    It is a great chance to meet other professionals and exchange ideas about variety of topics. You can reach previous colleagues and also persons in your specialist area. In this way you are creating your own network.
  • Keep your profile up to date
    Your online profile should be updated continuously. Edit your current situation and achievements because you never know maybe there is a dream job waiting for you. One small detail in your profile can decide whether you fit the job or not.
  • Request a recommendation from your previous colleagues or professors
    This is a very good tool, where you can add recommendations to your profile. Ask references to make your competences visible for your network.
  • Stay one step ahead
    Your comments on the articles, the groups you are member of, your communication style and the creation of your profile can show how creative and innovative you are. You can make others aware of your skills.

These small tips point you how to start your self marketing on the web.  If you want strengthen your professional network, I would suggest to spend your time more on this kind of websites.

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